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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What is Cooin.io?

Cooin.io, is a cryptocurrency mining company. Based in Germany Cooin.io it is owned by Cooin Digitale Assets GmbH. Cooin.io its site has a serious difference from other Cloud Mining companies: we promise 8 times higher revenue than standard mining with its artificial intelligence-powered software. With our only technology in the world, we are developing our server portfolio with individual investors and growing simultaneously with all our customers.

Cooin.io Reliable?

Yes! Cooin.io as we care to be transparent. We deliver invoices for all your investments and device upgrades. In addition, on behalf of our subsidiary, all your digital assets are securely stored in German banks and are kept ready for return in the event of any cancellation/refund or termination.

Cooin.io is a legal?

Yes! Through our legal representation, we act in accordance with the legal infrastructure of 11 different countries. We also work to integrate all over the world by receiving payments with Blockchain infrastructure.

Withdrawal Questions
What methods can I withdrawal?

Wherever you are in the world, you can withdraw your money within 24 hours with cryptocurrency payment methods. You can make withdrawals using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH, Dogecoin and USDT (tether) payment methods. You can also make withdrawals by bank transfer method only for German residents and citizens of Germany.

Minimum/Maximum Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawals can be made once a day. A new transaction cannot be created at the same time when there is a pending transaction. A minimum of 25 USD and a maximum of 10,000 USD can be withdrawn at a time.

Invest Questions
When will my investment be approved?

Depending on the method you invest in and the instant blockchain intensity, your transactions will be completed in 30 minutes to 12 hours.

Can I get a cancellation / refund?

Yes You have the right to cancel/refund your investment unconditionally within 14 days. If you create a withdrawal request within a 14-day period, the refund process is performed by deducting your winnings after the review.

Can I raise my investment?

Yes! If the appropriate stock is available, you can extend your time by making a new investment on the Invest screen. The package duration is created specifically for each investment you make.

Affiliate Questions
How much do I make with an Affiliate?

Invest EarningYou earn 10% from all your sub-members. Earnings from investments made by your sub-member are added to your withdrawable balance. You can get unlimited earnings. When you have 100 or more sub-members, the rate of earning is increased to 20%

Bonus EarningYou also get $5 worth of balance from all email and National ID approved sub-members. You can get a maximum of $160 from this earning.

How are Affiliate earnings paid?

Affiliate earnings are defined to your regular account. You can withdraw the amount reflected in your withdrawable balance to your cryptocurrency wallet like your regular transactions.

What are Affiliate rules?

Your sub-members are prohibited from creating multi-memberships. It is forbidden to create more than 3 memberships within the same family. It is forbidden to receive only affiliate profits through Spam services. It is restricted to send fake/false ID. Affiliate accounts with conversion rates of 1% or less are prohibited. Accounts that show too much contravention of the rules above will be suspended and examined.

I invited my friend buy $5 wasn't added

The person you invite confirms the email after registering, and you earn an investment balance of $2.5. You will also earn $2.5 again after you confirm your identity.

Account has been locked/banned. What should I do?

The management team only uses account blocking for Affiliate and fraud related issues.

If your account has been blocked, your Cooin.io Affiliate sub-members may have too many fake memberships (30% and above).

Also, your affiliate sub-members can be non-interactive / zombie accounts.

If you think there is an error please email us [email protected]

Reinvest feature
What is reinvest?

All your earnings are added to your withdrawable balance. If you activate the Reinvest feature, your mining earnings will be defined every day in the "Reinvest mining" package specially defined for you. In this way, you will have a new and long-term investment package.

Can it be canceled?

Yes. If you stop reinvesting, you can cancel it. However, at least 24 hours must pass from the start date.

How much will I earn per day?

Reinvest is contracted for 365 days. Each day extends the contract term by one more day. Until you turn off the Reinvest feature, you will continue to earn at the set daily rate of earnings.

How is it different from real investment?

Actually, it is no different. During normal investment, transaction fees and transfer expenses are taken as basis. You do not pay any additional fees as Reinvest does not need to transfer money within the system. An invoice and contract is not prepared for the Reinvest feature.

Other Questions
Do I have to confirm ID?

No. You can make your investments and withdrawals without performing identity confirmation. However, we recommend that you confirm your identity for security reasons.

What is Google 2FA?

Google Two Factor Authentication is an app that you can install on your mobile device (iOS or android). Thanks to this application, we will check that the membership belongs to you during each login with a 6-digit code. In this way, your account will always be under the highest security.

I lost access to my phone connected to Google 2FA

We're sorry. If you encounter such a situation, please contact us by email. [email protected] We'll try to help you.

How can I delete my membership?

If you would like to delete your membership, please email us. [email protected] But we still want you to know that no private information is registered on our servers.

I need communication on other

You can contact us with support system, email ([email protected]) support or live support. We'll always help.