Happy New Year! We are organizing a lottery at the beginning of 2021(iPhone 12, Macbook, Gift-card and more)

About us

Hi-tech and quality idea. That's all.

Cooin.io, a high-performance mining service operated by Cooin Digitale Assets GmbH since 2016 Cooin.io it allows you to receive Hi-tech cloud mining services from anywhere in the world. It has been online since 2020.

Why is Cooin.io more profitable?

As Cooin.io, we develop innovative ideas. Standard cloud-mining services require high electricity and GPUs and are very costly. Cooin.io, on the other hand, with its artificial intelligence-supported infrastructure, provides results at 8 times less cost than standard mining infrastructure.

Supported Country

Cooin.io he has legal representation in 11 different countries. English and German also offer 24/7 support for all countries. Moreover Cooin.io you do not have to invest to make a profit with it. Cooin.io by making free bonus payments to all registered members, it also makes profit sharing.

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Altstadt 2/4
99084, Erfurt, Germany